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Place: Campaign Consultation, Inc.

Project: From concept to execution, I served as lead strategist with a team of designers, content creators, and event planners in producing a live, three-day virtual conference for over 1500 non-profit managers. The conference served as a turning point for the Senior Corps organization, a volunteer network under the Corporation for National and Community Service, a government agency. Senior Corps leaders used inconsistent performance tracking on the various volunteer projects that they managed; this conference was the training platform for how to use outcome-based measures to align performance tracking for the Senior Corps network.

Process: I worked with an internal team of six and several other stakeholders over five months to produce the conference. When we were approached by Senior Corps about putting on a virtual conference, I stepped in to do the research around existing technologies that would allow us to deliver content effectively through a digital platform and achieve the personable feel the organizers were looking for. I led requirements gathering for the technology and worked with our team of designers to create a life-like look-and-feel for the conference. When the conference launched, our team worked as virtual producers, monitoring live video-casts and chat rooms, and providing support to attendees.

Product: The three-day virtual conference event combined live and pre-recorded events as well as exhibit halls, networking opportunities, and library content available for download. As part of the conference, there were pre- and post- learning components available to all registrants. Over 330 pieces of content were presented to participants, enabling them to realign their measurement of programmatic accomplishments and in order to tell a more consistent story. The conference produced significant learning gains on the new performance measures shown above.