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Place: Johns Hopkins Medicine Technology Innovation Center in Partnership with Armstrong Institute, Baltimore

Project: I worked with design leaders from the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality to help a mix of case managers, physicians, nurses, and leaders in the emergency department design ways to improve quality care delivery to patients who visit the emergency room. The emergency department at Johns Hopkins Hospital is often impacted with patients resulting in problems with triage and care delivery.

Process: This half-day workshop walked 30+ participants through a full design sprint: understanding the problem, defining it, ideation, voting, and prototyping. Myself and two other facilitators led the workshop. I taught the prototyping section (focusing on different tools and ways to prototype quickly) and facilitated team interaction during the workshop.

Product: Five ideas were prototyped and presented about how to improve the emergency department. This session is an example of many design workshops that I’m passionate about facilitating throughout Johns Hopkins Hospital. Other examples of design sprints I have led include: a three-day design challenge for first-year medical students, a multi-disciplinary workshop day to tackle sepsis in the PICU, and several internal design sessions to improve how our organization (the Technology Innovation Center) functions.